After interviewing more than 50 of the world’s greatest investment managers, Nobel Prize winners, self-made billionaires, and leading academics for his book, Money: Master the Game, Tony Robbins came to some startling conclusions.

In this episode, he reveals a treasure trove of actionable insights and behind the scenes stories that will benefit you for years to come.

Near the end of the conversation, Tony tells a touching story that occurred in his early twenties and changed the course of his life forever. He said it, “may be the most important lesson a person can have in finance.” You’ll have to listen to him tell the story because written words can’t do it justice.

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When asked, Tony said "asymmetrical risk/reward" is the favorite insight he gleaned from the top hedge-fund managers.

When asked, Robbins said “asymmetrical risk/reward” is his favorite insight gleaned from the top hedge fund managers.

Tony Robbins

  • World-class entrepreneur
  • America’s #1 life and business strategist
  • International authority on peak performance and leadership psychology
  • #1 New York Times bestselling author
  • Among Linkedin’s top 12 influencers
  • Nearly 5 million social media followers
  • Created the top two personal and professonal development programs in history: Personal Power and Ultimate Edge
  • Recent Fortune Magazine cover article named him the “CEO Whisperer”

Show Notes

  • Tony recently had a private two-hour meeting with former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and asked him, “If you were head of the Fed today, what would you do?” Greenspan responded, “I’d resign.”
  • After interviewing more than 50 of the world’s greatest investment managers, Nobel Prize winners, self-made billionaires, and leading academics, Tony shares the single most important insight he learned from them about investing. It’s called “asymmetrical risk/reward” and you can incorporate it in how you manage your investments right now.
  • Subsequent to writing the book, Tony came up with what he calls “The Core Four.” He describes the four most important components of being an outstanding investor.
  • Tony said he “is a huge promoter of RIAs” but now realizes, “not all RIAs are equal.” Using an interesting analogy, he explains the differences.
  • Bridgewater

    Source: Bridgewater Associates

    In an idea learned from Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund complex (excluding the Federal Reserve!), Tony shares the four things that affect the price of assets. They are: economic growth rising or falling, inflation rising or falling. It’s a simple yet powerful concept that you can share with your clients.

  • “The financial business is the least transparent business I know of.” He goes on to say his key reason for working with advisors is to increase transparency in the industry, particularly as it relates to fees embedded in financial products.
  • Are you a business owner or a business operator? Tony describes the difference and explains why becoming a business owner is the key to leveraging your results.
  • I asked Tony, “If you were giving an 18-minute TED talk in front of a group of financial advisors, what would you say?” His detailed response is a blueprint for becoming, “an effective disruptor in the industry.”
  • Where does the greatest opportunity lie for advisors? Tony summarized it in two words. Unfortunately, most advisors are not paying enough attention to this opportunity even though the resources needed to work it are widely available.

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