Top advisor Erin Botsford on building her Seven Figure Firm

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Erin Botsford built a seven figure firm from scratch and shares exactly how she did it. As one of the top financial advisors in the country, she is the founder and CEO of the Botsford Financial Group, which has nearly $1 billion in assets under management. She has appeared on Barron's list of the Top

How to Have “Better Conversations” With BMO’s Ben Jones

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Ben Jones: Where are the gaps that exist today in the critical areas that I have to achieve my vision? Once upon a time, financial planners met with clients annually, showed them a printout of how all their investments were performing, shook hands, and moved on to the next annual appointment with the

Savant Capital’s Brent Brodeski On Going From $0 to $5 Billion in AUM

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Brent Brodeski and his team at Savant Capital look to the medical industry for insights into team building, embracing technology, and creating the best possible client experience. Imagine walking into a doctor’s office with a bad cough and walking out on crutches, still coughing. That’s how Brent Brodeski saw the financial advisory client

How to use “systems thinking” to become an elite advisor

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Average advisors make wishes. Good advisors set goals. Elite advisors are committed and have systems. The bedrock of success for elite advisors comes from being committed and following systems. I’m not just talking about checklists or workflow systems for processing business. I’m talking about systems for living their life. One of the most frequently touted

15 non-obvious trends that will give you an unfair advantage

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Rohit Bhargava: Trend spotting is not a term I agree with because I think that trend spotting is the same thing as looking at eggs and flour and sugar on a shelf and saying, 'That's a cake.' It doesn't work that way. You don't spot trends. You spot ideas. Nobody can accurately and

My 3 words for 2017

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Could 3 words be the difference between success and failure for you over the next 12 months? The recent presidential election proved once again that words are powerful. The words that we use, the language that we use has the ability to move people to take action. For several years now, I’ve taken this idea

Caterpillar Exec Ed Rapp on leadership lessons and staying strong against tough odds

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If you don’t plan your personal life with the same rigor and discipline you do your professional life, your personal life will suffer, says Ed Rapp. As a Group President and former CFO for Caterpillar, Inc. during the financial crisis, Ed was a high-level, globe-trotting senior executive who never forgot the importance of keeping family

Anthony Scaramucci on the jagged line of entrepreneurial success, DOL Rule, and politics

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"If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to get comfortable with the notion of failing. Once you get completely comfortable with the idea that you're going to fail, what ends up happening is you build this resistance up and you start to think more clearly," says Anthony Scaramucci. Today's guest, Anthony Scaramucci, is

Most advisors are missing this surprising opportunity

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Shockingly, you might be able to generate more alpha for your clients by helping manage their career than you can from investing or financial planning. Today's guest, Michael Haubrich, CFP®, created the concept of "career asset management" as a way to help add additional value to his clients using an asset that is typically neglected

This is what inspired me recently

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Each morning, I find a quote that speaks to me and then I post it on my prioritized action list for the day. Here are 10 quotes that recently made my list along with what they mean to me. Listen as I Discuss 10 Quotes That Speak to Me 10 Quotes 1. "If

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