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This is a jam-packed episode filled with my takeaways from the T3 Technology Conference as well as interview clips from six industry leaders. I cover four themes that emerged from the conference including: enhancing the client experience, offering a client portal, delivering a quality financial planning offering, and using big data to make better business decisions and personalize the client experience.

In today’s show, you’ll hear from:

  1. Phil Cunningham, CEO of Advicent
  2. Kevin Knull, President of PIETech Inc., the creators of MoneyGuidePro
  3. Drew DiMarino, Head of Sales for eMoney
  4. Greg Friedman, CEO of Junxure, CEO of a top RIA called Private Ocean, and author of Advisory Leadership:
  5. Kevin Cimring, CEO of Invesco Jemstep (checkout this earlier podcast with his colleague Simon Roy), and Josh Self, Envision Wealth Planning
  6. Greg Sauer, Business Development at Oranj

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Great Reads From the T3 Technology Conference

Advisors: Are You Ready for Robo 2.0? Suleman Din writes: Developers of robo advice say it will develop beyond an asset allocation tool into a more proactive and complex financial advice platform, leveraging data aggregation and even artificial intelligence capabilities.

Fidelity Reveals Plans For Multi-Custodial Advisor Technology Hub — Ryan Neal writes: In the escalating battle for control of the technology hub used by registered investment advisors, Fidelity Investments has a new weapon that may turn the tides.

The Year of the Client Portal — Ali Malito writes: The latest platforms serve as an important point of contact between the adviser and client, providing end users the ability to view their portfolios and, in more advanced cases, interact with key financial information.

How to Avoid Chasing Squirrels With Technology — Ryan Neal writes: With an ever-increasing amount of technology vendors vying for wealth managers’ budgets, it can be confusing and often intimidating for the registered investment advisor trying to find a new tool that works and is affordable.

Tech vendors upping the ante at T3 for better client experiences — Ali Malito writes: Software vendors are gearing up to arm advisers with real-time tools and better web portals as client expectations continue to rise with the advent of more efficient technology.

Riskalyze Wants Advisors To “Check-In” With Clients — Ryan Neal writes: Financial advisors work hard to prevent clients from reactionary investment decision that can stray them from their long-term plan, but doom-and-gloom headlines during periods of market volatility can shake a client’s confidence.

Steve Sanduski on the client experience…

We need to make sure we’re using technology appropriately and not just using it to push work onto clients/prospects that used to be done by the advisor. Clients/prospects do want more control over their experience but not at the expense of doing work that their advisor used to do.

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