Enhance credibility and grow your business through PR

JASON LAHITA SHARES HIS BEST STRATEGIES, TIPS AND TOOLS on how to use public relations to enhance credibility and grow your business. Plus, he adds some bonus thoughts on how to use PR to leverage your referral marketing and social media activities.

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Jason Lahita

Jason Lahita: PR without a plan is a waste of money.

Jason Lahita

  • Co-founder of FiComm Partners, one of the financial industry’s leading PR firms.
  • Started his career in the US Navy where he served on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier.
  • One of the first employees of United Capital.
  • Former head of the Los Angeles office of an international PR firm.
  • On a personal note, married, two children, NYU and UC-Irvine grad, living the LA lifestyle.

Key Quote

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.” Mark Twain.

Best Business Decision

Starting his own business and bringing on his business partner, Megan Carpenter.

Do Over

Overcome his hesitation and start his business sooner and second, be more honest with himself about the capabilities he could offer when he first launched FiComm Partners.

Quick PR Advice

  • Start by dipping your toe in the water and see if PR is for you.
  • PR makes sense when you have scale in your business, when you have resources available, when you have time to think about your message, and when you are ready to focus on growth.
  • PR is a three-legged stool. It includes pre-game, in the game, and post game. Optimize each phase with your PR pro.
  • PR for advisors includes local, national and trade PR. Jason has some insightful comments on why national and trade PR may be even more important than local PR.
  • Biggest mistake advisors make is doing PR just for the sake of getting in the media. “PR without a plan is a waste of money.”
  • Part of your PR homework is to identify how you and your firm are currently perceived and how you want to be perceived a year from now. PR can help shape your perception to where you want it to be.


What happens Between Now and Success…is Action, so turn you knowing into doing and get results.

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