How to find, manage and retain millennial financial advisors and team members

Episode Overview

In this fourth and final episode in the millennial financial advisors series, we discuss an area that was not addressed with our previous guests.

The other guests were all running their own independent RIAs and generally targeting other young professionals with non-traditional business and pricing models. See the three earlier episodes with Brittney Castro, James Osborne and Alan Moore.

But what about millennial financial advisors who are pursuing a traditional career within a well-established RIA? What’s their story? How are the established RIAs finding, managing, and retaining talented millennial financial advisors in their business?

To find out, I dialed up my friends at United Capital, one of the country’s largest RIAs, and had a great conversation with Jarrod Upton and Brandon Moss. Jarrod and Brandon are two of the firm’s leaders and they work with their young, up and coming millennial financial advisors.

Click here for the earlier podcast with United Capital founder Joe Duran.

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Steve Sanduski: Millennial advisors are making their mark.

Steve Sanduski: Millennials have different workplace expectations than the generations before them and leaders would be wise to accommodate that.

Seven Things You’ll Discover in This Episode

  1. The four things millennials are looking for in a career with an established RIA.
  2. How to deal with millennials who are often more interested in having additional free time than making an extra $5,000 in income.
  3. Several non-traditional ways to find and effectively recruit millennial financial advisors to join your firm (including taking them out for “adult beverages”).
  4. The tools established RIAs should offer to accommodate young advisors and keep them productive and happy.
  5. The one thing established RIAs need to provide that younger advisors are desperate for guidance on.
  6. How to more effectively engage clients using a technologically savvy financial planning process.
  7. How the fee structure United Capital charges for investment management and financial life planning is evolving and their thoughts on where pricing is headed in the years to come.

On Hiring Millennial Financial Advisors From Jarrod Upton

When bringing on a millennial individual, the key areas they want to focus on are: 1) really understanding who you are, 2) understanding your culture, 3) having very clear, defined goals and expectations, 4) getting hands-on experience early on to boost their confidence, 5) believing in what you’re doing, and 6) having a defined career path.

Download the Transcript Here


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