Here’s how you influence people to take action


How do you influence people to take action? How do you get people to follow you, rally behind you, and take your advice?

Robert Cialdini wrote the seminal book on influence and I encourage you to read it (or checkout the highlights here). But in today’s show, I want to share a few more tips that come from an article written by United Capital founder Joe Duran (see my earlier interview with him here), a conversation I had with one of my coaching clients, a podcast I did with professional speaker Michael Port, and from a book by Robert McKee called, “Story.”

We all want to be more influential so we can help people take positive action to improve their situation. The good news is there are specific ways to do that and I share them with you in today’s show.

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Friday Podcast Highlights

1. My earlier article on how Donal Trump and Bernie Sanders are teaching us a lesson about how to be a successful financial advisor.

2. Joe Duran’s article from InvestmentNews about “4 secrets on influence we can all learn from Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.”

3. My podcast and show notes page with Michael Port, who discusses how you can influence people and Steal the Show through your performances.

4. An excellent article about “Storytelling that moves people” from Harvard Business Review. See the book, “Story” from Robert McKee, too.

2. Learn more about my one-on-one coaching service. If you want to thrive in the years ahead, this is one way to do it.

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