Carl Richards on writing books and planning conversations

Carl Richards is best known as the Behavior Gap guy and for his weekly Sketch Guy column in the New York Times.

He’s now out with a new book, The One-Page Financial Plan. We had a lively conversation about the book, his writing process, planning conversations, and how financial advisors can use books in general to build their business.

And here’s a little-known secret–we both share an affinity for the name Cori. Listen why early in the podcast.

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Carl Richards: Let's let go of this false sense of precision that we've been parading around."

Carl Richards: Let’s let go of this false sense of precision that we’ve been parading around.”

Carl Richards

Show Notes

  • Here’s Carl’s advice on how you can write a book. “If you just did nothing more than commit to blogging once a day, sharing your thoughts with the world, ten years from now you’d have five books and you’d be more successful than you’d ever dreamed.” But remember David Bach’s advice on advisors writing books, “It’s only worth doing if you feel like you have a message you want to get out to change the world.”
  • “Clients don’t show up at your office saying ‘Hey help me get clear about my values.’ Nobody says that, but if you lead them through that discussion the right way they’ll leave thinking, ‘Gosh that’s exactly what I needed.’”
  • Carl says one shortcoming of some advisors, “Not learning to ask really good questions. Not learning to be comfortable with that awkward silence while people try to answer, and rushing in to try and fill silence.”
  • “It’s a glorious, glorious time to be an advisor because you realize {technology} is leaving you all these great tools even down to this robo advisor level, all these great tools are leaving you with the blessed sacred opportunity of being uniquely human and having incredible conversations with people that only a human can have.”
  • Advisors should, “Let go of this false sense of precision that we’ve been parading around that I have a 99.732757% confidence level in your plan.” Instead, he says advisors should let clients know that we’re making guesses about the future, that they should relax, and that as we get more accurate information, we’ll course correct along the way.
  • Here’s a marketing idea from Carl. “I would practice what I refer to as souvenir marketing and use not only this book but any book that resonates with you and start handing it out, buy dozens of them and hand them out.”

The One-Page Financial Plan is another gem from Carl Richards. Whether you’re an advisor or investor, you’ll find insights you can use right now.

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