Should you cut your AUM advisor fee in half?

What if you cut your AUM advisor fee in half and made up the difference by charging a retainer fee? That’s what multi-billion dollar RIA firm Abacus Wealth Partners is experimenting with.

With the DOL rule and increasing pressure on firms to be more transparent with their pricing, we’re starting to see firms experiment with their advisor fee.

In an earlier episode, I talked to Scott MacKillop who founded third-party investment firm First Ascent Asset Management. His firm capped its advisor fee at $1,500 for accounts larger than $300,000.

In today’s show, I talk to J.D. Bruce, president of Abacus Wealth Partners and Billy Oliverio, vice president of United Planners. We had a lively conversation about alternative pricing strategies from the RIA and broker/dealer perspective.

Listen to the Alternative Advisor Fee Pricing Model Conversation 

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Steve Sanduski, CFP® is the CEO and co-founder of ROL Advisor, founder of Belay Advisor, host of the Between Now and Success Podcast, a New York Times bestselling author, and an international speaker.
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