Key insights from my 10 most popular podcasts in 2016

I just finished my second year of podcasting and the numbers are in. Here are my 10 most popular podcasts for 2016 based on downloads along with a key idea shared on each episode. Grab some coffee and a notepad. It’ll spark some ideas.

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Top 10 Most Popular Podcasts for 2016

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10. Michael Schrage and his mind-blowing thoughts on the future of financial advice.

Michael is one of the world’s most provocative thought leaders on innovation. He’s also a research fellow at the MIT Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business, a columnist for Harvard Business Review, Fortune, CIO Magazine and MIT’s Technology Review, and the author of multiple books. Perhaps no one knows more about how to maximize return on investment from innovation processes than Michael.

9. Scott Hanson on how to organically grow a multi-billion dollar RIA

I’ve known Scott for more than 20 years. In fact, when I met him back in the early 1990s, he had about $20 million in assets under management. Today, his firm has over $2 billion in AUM. We had a great convo about how to market your way to the top.

8. How to use Robo Advisors and Silicon Valley thinking to deliver an extraordinary client experience

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Are you designing your business the way clients want to experience it?

This is a recording of a panel I moderated at the FPA of Massachusetts annual conference. While the topic was ostensibly about Robo Advisors, it was actually about how to use Silicon Valley thinking to deliver an extraordinary client experience.

The diverse panel turned out to be ideally suited for the topic. Eric Roberge, an up-and-coming RIA, shared his perspective as a millennial advisor who leads with financial planning services and outsources investment management to Betterment. Alex Benke, one of the early employees of Betterment, shared the Silicon Alley perspective of how technology is upending investment management. And Lex Sokolin, who at the time was the COO of Vanare, discussed how all the pieces of the client experience pie fit together in the modern RIA business.

7. Retirement planning is dying and being replaced by a reimagined client experience

I see a major shift happening in the industry. The shift is from the destination (retirement) to the client experience (here and now).

Financial advisors used to get paid for managing money to help clients safely reach their retirement goals. Going forward, financial advisors will get paid for creating a client experience that shepherds their clients through a lifetime of experiences and transitions that taken together, add up to a life well lived.

Checkout the episode as I explore the 4 areas to reimagine in your business.

6. 6 top advisors share what they wish they could do over

How cool would it be if you could start your business over knowing what you know today? Well, that’s what I asked six top advisors. They shared a laundry list of things they would do differently if they could go back in time.

5. Tony Robbins and Peter Mallouk join forces, create formidable RIA

Tony partnered with Peter to help spread the fiduciary gospel around the country–and it’s a formidable pairing. With the likelihood that referrals from TD Ameritrade may start to slow down for Peter’s firm, adding Tony’s marketing and reach will add a huge new pipeline of clients.

This is the second time I’ve had Tony on my podcast. CLICK HERE to listen to my first episode with him. Tony also made my top 10 most popular podcasts list in 2015.

4. How Ric Edelman plans to grow to $150 billion in AUM, 300,000 clients, and 1,250 financial advisors in 10 years

If you ask industry people who has been the most successful financial advisor over the past 30 years, Ric Edelman would likely top the list. Starting from scratch in the 1980’s, Ric built a juggernaut with 30,000 clients, 125 financial advisors, 500 employees in 42 offices, and $15 billion in AUM.

When I asked Ric what the next 10 years looks like, he said, “10X. Add a zero to everything.”

What’s even more impressive than the raw numbers Ric has generated to date is how he did it–through organic growth.

3. America’s top advisors share 6 key ways to reach the peak

America’s top advisors gathered in Scottsdale, AZ on March 21 – 23 for the annual Barron’s Top Independent Advisors Summit. I held a roundtable discussion with three top advisors who attended the event and our goal was to pull out the key takeaways from America’s top advisors and deliver Actionable Intelligence to you.

The roundtable participants were Jack Davis of Navigation Retirement Group, and Bill Keen and Matt Wilson of Keen Wealth Advisors.

I share comments from Ric Edelman and Joe Duran (see earlier podcast with Joe) about not letting your margins get fat and not being satisfied with the status quo.

2. Traditional financial planning will become extinct and replaced by this

Financial planning as practiced today is going away and will be replaced by an entirely new way of interacting with and delivering value and connection to clients. Generational and society changes coupled with technology advancements make it imperative that advisors rethink their core proposition.

Phil Cunningham, CEO of Advicent, joined me in person as we discussed where financial planning is heading.

1. How to answer a prospect’s “Why Should I Choose You?” question

If a prospect asked you, “Why should I choose you?,” could you persuasively answer it in seven words or less? In this competitive world, you better be able to.

Ian Chamandy is the co-author of the incredible book, Why Should I Choose You? and he joined me on this episode.

Ian and his colleague Ken Aber developed a framework they call “Blueprint.” Blueprint consists of three elements.

  1. Core Proposition: This is your seven words or less that articulates your corporate DNA. It answers the questions, “Who are you?” and “Why should I choose you?” Ian said, “The purpose of the core proposition is to give your organization a total focus on the one thing that makes it uniquely remarkable.”
  2. Business Architecture: This describes everything you do and how you do it. You use your Core Proposition to guide everything you do within your Business Architecture.
  3. Core Story: Your Core Story contains all the high-level information on your organization that guides everything it says both externally and internally. As with your Business Architecture, the development of your Core Story is guided by your Core Proposition.

This turned out to be the #1 most popular episode in 2016. All of these 10 most popular podcasts are amazing so be sure the click on each one, learn from them, and start the new year strong.


CLICK HERE to review the 2015 list of my 10 most popular podcasts.

It was an outstanding second year for my Between Now and Success podcast and 2017 promises to be even better.

Thank you to everyone who’s listening and please spread the word.

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I’m looking forward to helping you make 2017 your best year yet.

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