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Steve Sanduski

Coaching for Leaders

One-on-one coaching for leaders looking to excel personally and professionally.

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ROL Advisor

Life-Centered Planning

Discovery process and Life-Centered Planning platform for financial advisors.

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Between Now and Success Podcast

Top Podcast and Blog

Named one of the Top 10 Best Podcasts for Financial Advisors by wealthmanagement.com

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What Clients and Listeners Say

“I listen to your podcast when I jog and I’m like, ‘go Steve’ you asked the question that was the elephant in the room, and I love how you dig into it.”

Seth Streeter, Mission Wealth Management

“You delivered far more value than we ever expected to our Financial Planning Association of Masshachusetts (FPA MA) annual program! Our audience loved your insight, energy and ability to understand the needs of the advisors”

J. Christopher Boyd, Asset Management Resources

“To work with a coach is no better money to spend, to work with a coach that knows our financial industry is priceless. Steve, during coaching sessions, shares his impressive experience and to ride next to him with his unique quest for searching and finding  cross industry perspectives, to work with someone who touches the tops in our financial truly gives me that insight is the best of my time.”

Gabe Burczyk

“From an awesome presentation to facilitating interactive panels, Steve gave our members thought provoking, insightful guidance. Tangible advice, not just 30,000 foot level theory, but specifics on what we can do today to prepare for the massive changes facing our industry.”

Bill Harris, WH Cornerstone Investments

“I must say that I enjoyed your Retirement Coaching course immensely. Excellent.”

Paul Armson, BACK2Y

“I just wanted to let you guys know we have started implementing your retirement coaching program into our advisory practice and so far the feedback has been tremendous. It’s be very rewarding having conversation with clients that go far beyond market performance and the lasting impact for these clients has been obvious.”

Nicholas Rose, Summit Wealth Group

“I have already started to implement the tools that you have made available to us with great success.  Your materials simplify a complex confusing and scary subject for many people.”

Andy Sinsigalli, Merrill Lynch

Podcasts and Blog Posts

A Millennial Advisor’s Tips for How to Pass the CFP® Certification Program

March 18th, 2019|

A growing financial advisory firm needs lots of top talent. What are you doing to deepen your roster of advisors? Do your brightest employees see a path for themselves from, say, a business or

The Marketing Strategies That Delivered $6 Billion in Organic AUM Growth in 3 Years with David Bach

March 11th, 2019|

How am I going to grow my business? Advisors who are struggling with this question usually, deep down, know what the answers are. You have to up your marketing game and get increasingly better

“Non-Obvious” Trends That Could Shape the Future of Your Advisory Firm

February 25th, 2019|

It’s impossible to achieve meaningful, sustainable growth if you’re satisfied just keeping pace with your competition. Being “current” with what’s happening in the industry today won’t allow you to get ahead. The reality is,

The 4 Words That Describe the Value Financial Advisors Deliver With Doug Lennick

February 11th, 2019|

What is the “real value” that financial advisors deliver and that clients are willing to pay for? The value delivered by financial advisors has morphed over time. Decades ago, it was picking stocks and

Using Your Relationship to Money as a Path to Personal and Professional Growth With Brent Kessel

January 28th, 2019|

Understanding your relationship to money is an ongoing process of self-awareness and self-discovery. Without that commitment and empathy, you'll never understand what money means to your clients and what kind of service they'll really

How to Keep Evolving the Value You Deliver to Clients with Dan Moisand

January 14th, 2019|

Don't just talk about your process to clients and prospects. That's dry and boring. Talk about how they're going to "feel" by going through your process. Get them emotionally engaged from the beginning of

My 10 Most Popular Podcasts of 2018

December 13th, 2018|

Life-centered planning, improving client behavior, the client experience, positive psychology, marketing, and technology are some of the hot topics I got to discuss with finance industry leaders and thinkers on my Between Now and Success podcast during

3 Guiding Principles That Lead to Success as a Financial Advisor from Schwab Impact 2018

November 20th, 2018|

What are the top firms doing to outperform the rest? How are they growing? What’s the silver bullet that’s going to help my firm hit that 16% five-year growth CAGR I’m seeing from the best

10 Tips to Exponentially Grow the Audience for Your Content from Investopedia’s Editor-in-Chief

November 5th, 2018|

For advisors who want to grow their audience – and hopefully, their client base – content and distribution is King, Queen, and Jack. But how do you build your audience? What is going to set

Forbes’ #1 Woman Wealth Advisor Rebecca Rothstein on How Curiosity and Tenacity Got Her to the Top

October 22nd, 2018|

What do you need to be a successful financial advisor? An Ivy League degree in finance? A family practice that you can inherit? A group of wealthy connections that you can network? An "in" at

Optimizing Your Performance in High Stakes Situations With Naval Test Pilot James Licata

October 8th, 2018|

If you want to be a better financial advisor, learn how to land a jet plane on an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night. Ok, maybe I’m

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