If you’re not passionate about your job, you can still do this

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Are you passionate about your work?

A guy at my gym cleans the toilets, wipes the mirrors, empties the wastebaskets, washes the sweaty towels and vacuums the floors.

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Is that the kind of job you would like to have? Probably not.

Recently, I came across a post on Linkedin titled: Are you doing what you love? If not, then quit!

It generated quite a stir.

Many commenters wholeheartedly agreed with the author’s belief that, “by pursuing your passion, good things will follow.”

But here’s the rub. What happens when life circumstances, skill level, or available opportunities limit your ability to quit your current job and start pursuing your passion?

“Follow Your Bliss?”

The dissenters in the Linkedin post said not everybody is in a position to quit their job and “follow their bliss” as Joseph Campbell has so famously stated.

Let’s face it. There are certain jobs in this world that just suck.

Yet, no matter how unpleasant, some people stick to their job because it enables them to fulfill important and pressing life obligations.

So here’s the key.

While not every job is glamorous and not every job can be filled by someone who is totally passionate about it, there’s one thing we can all control.

We can control “who” we bring to the job.

Getting back to my gym’s janitor, he brings his best self to his job. He prides himself on having clean toilets and spotless mirrors for the members. He appreciates it when I say “hi” to him as I walk by. He smiles deeply when we notice how clean he keeps the place.

He may not be pursuing his passion by being a janitor, but he can be the best darn janitor around. And that, my friends, is absolutely worth being passionate about.

Steve Sanduski is a New York Times bestselling author and president of Belay Advisor. His firm designs, builds and delivers comprehensive business solutions for companies that want to make a profound impact in people’s lives. Follow him on Twitter @SteveSanduski.

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Steve is the founder of Belay Advisor and a NYT bestselling author, podcast host, speaker, and financial advisor coach.

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