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There is a Zen story about a monk who was practicing a breathing meditation outdoors by a lake. Over and over again his teacher kept telling him to focus on your breath, focus on your breath, focus on your breath.

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Eventually, the monk became restless and bored so he asked his teacher,

This breathing meditation is so basic, is there some advanced meditation I can do?

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The teacher then grabbed the monk, pulled him into the lake and held his head underwater. The monk struggled as hard as he could to get his head out of the water so he could breathe again. Finally, the teacher let him up and after a minute asked the monk,

What did you learn from this?

The monk said,

How important it is to breathe.

Likewise, in your business, the fundamentals of blocking and tackling are like breathing; you may take them for granted but if you don’t focus on them, your business will die rather than grow.

Make a renewed commitment to focus on the fundamental “breathing” aspects of your business. Doing so will ensure you have a solid platform for future growth.

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