How to approach the process of making technology decisions

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Lex is also a digital artist and this is one of his works.

Technology is changing at head-spinning speed and it’s easy to get confused about which technology to implement and how to go about being profitably innovative. Betting the farm on a certain technology direction is usually not the best idea. But what can you do instead?

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In today’s show, I have a conversation with Lex Sokolin, co-founder of an early Robo Advisor called NestEgg, and now a partner and chief operating officer of Vanare. Lex gave an excellent talk at the T3 Technology Conference in February and we got together to chat about being innovative. (Also, checkout this profile of Lex at

We talk about the process of being innovative and how financial advisors can make good technology decisions without betting the farm. We also discussed James Altucher’s process for coming up with ideas, lean startup methodology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. It’s a value-packed 25 minutes!


Make sure you checkout my earlier podcast with John Michel, founder and CEO of CircleBlack, as we discussed how to think about and incorporate innovative action into your business. And keeping with the tech theme, read the notes and learn about innovation and advisor technology in my podcast with Eric Clarke, founder of Orion.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me. I’d love to hear what you like and what you’d like to see improved about the podcast. Thanks!

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