How to Find, Manage and Retain Millennial Financial Advisors and Team Members

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Episode Overview In this fourth and final episode in the millennial financial advisors series, we discuss an area that was not addressed with our previous guests. The other guests were all running their own independent RIAs and generally targeting other young professionals with non-traditional business and pricing models. See the three earlier episodes with Brittney […]

The Surprising Ways Millennial Financial Advisors Think, Act and Make Money

Alan Moore

Episode Overview Today’s guest, millennial Alan Moore, started out working for a traditional RIA firm, then started his own “location independent” RIA while concurrently developing other entrepreneurial sources of income. Alan and I discuss how millennial advisors think and act differently than traditional financial advisors and what that means for the future of the financial […]

Millennial Financial Advisor James Osborne and His Non-Traditional (But Successful) Way of Running His Practice

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MILLENNIAL FINANCIAL ADVISOR JAMES OSBORNE STARTED OUT ON A TRADITIONAL FINANCIAL ADVISOR TRACK then he became disillusioned. He noticed there wasn’t much difference in the services he provided to a client with a 3 or 4 million dollar portfolio versus a client with a half million dollar portfolio. As he told me, “It started to feel that […]

Brittney Castro On How Millennials Will Change the Nature of Financial Services — Part I


MILLENNIALS GET A LOT OF PRESS AND THERE’S GOOD REASON FOR THAT. They’re over 80 million strong, they’re digitally savvy, and they tend to think and act much differently than earlier generations. In this new series of podcasts, I interview several leading millennial advisors and explore their business models, their thinking, and how their cohort […]

How Elite RIAs Have Grown Faster and More Profitably Than Their Peers


A relatively small number of RIA firms have grown faster and more profitably than their peers in recent years, according to research from InvestmentNews and BlackRock. Dubbed “Elite RIAs,” these firms have cracked the code and implemented strategies, tactics, and “ways of doing business” that propelled them to the top. On average, these Elite RIAs have > […]

Top CNBC and InvestmentNews Editors Share How to Get Published and Quoted in the Media

Fred Gabriel Jim Pavia

  You could be a highly competent financial advisor but if few people know about you, you’ll starve for new business. There are two main ways to become known to your ideal audience. Develop the audience yourself through marketing. Show up in the middle of somebody else’s audience and display your value. I can assure […]

Exponential Technology: How to Benefit From It and Not Get Obliterated By It

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A select group of forward-thinking advisors have figured out how to grow 100 to 200% per year. And they’re nailing it! By contrast, most advisors are focused on trying to grow 10 to 20% per year. Unfortunately, that’s a very crowded highway. Today’s podcast is all about understanding the concept of exponential technology and how […]

Robo Up or Get Left Behind

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Robo advisors seem to get all the press but they’re just one fish within the digital ocean that financial advisors should be swimming in. Every advisor should do a comprehensive review of their business and determine how they can improve the overall digital experience of their business both from the client standpoint and from the […]

Do You Have the “Right” Why?

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Years ago, during my first semester of grad school at Indiana University, I became acquainted with Ross, who was my apartment neighbor and also a first semester MBA student. Ross was an interesting guy. He had no business background but was very intelligent and creative. Prior to starting the MBA program, Ross was a top […]

David Canter on Becoming a Marketing Machine


If you want to accelerate your growth rate and create a consistent stream of new clients, you have to move beyond referral marketing and become a marketing machine. David Canter, EVP, Practice Management and Consulting, Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services, leads an ace team that has been consulting with RIAs and researching how they can elevate […]