How to Maximize Your Emotional, Physical, and Financial Well-Being

STEVE MOELLER SHARES HIS BEST STRATEGIES, TIPS, AND TOOLS on how to incorporate his concept of Endorphinomics into your life so you can maximize your emotional, physical, and financial well-being. As a long time consultant and coach to financial advisors, [...]

PODCAST — The Paul Santello Interview: How to Build a Brand That Connects With Your Clients and Prospects

Paul Santello

PAUL SANTELLO SHARES HIS BEST STRATEGIES, TIPS AND TOOLS on how to build a brand that connects with your clients and prospects. Plus, we discuss how you can use “VIPER” as a strategic framework to build your compelling brand. Download [...]

105 Words and Phrases to Boost Your Sales

Are your clients hearing what you're saying.

HAVE YOU EVER MISSPOKE and lost the sale? In a recent podcast interview I did with PR pro Jason Lahita, he mentioned a quote from Mark Twain that advisors should take to heart. Twain said, “The difference between the right word [...]

PODCAST — The Deborah Fox Interview: Strategies to Ensure Your Business Grows in the Years Ahead

Deborah Fox: Robo-Advisers will commoditize various aspects of the financial advice value chain, replacing legacy providers in those categories if they do not adapt their business models and embrace technology platforms.

DEBORAH FOX SHARES HER BEST STRATEGIES, TIPS AND TOOLS on how to ensure your business grows in the years ahead. Plus, she goes into detail on how to build a Robo-Shield for your firm. Download Track 1: Strategies to Ensure [...]

If You’re Not Passionate About Your Job, You Can Still Do This

work in progress

A guy at my gym cleans the toilets, wipes the mirrors, empties the wastebaskets, washes the sweaty towels and vacuums the floors. Is that the kind of job you would like to have? Probably not. Recently, I came across a [...]

PODCAST — The Jason Lahita Interview: Enhance Credibility and Grow Your Business Through PR

Jason Lahita

JASON LAHITA SHARES HIS BEST STRATEGIES, TIPS AND TOOLS on how to use public relations to enhance credibility and grow your business. Plus, he adds some bonus thoughts on how to use PR to leverage your referral marketing and social [...]

“Why Do I Stand Up Here?” Lessons From Dead Poets Society

Robin Williams

“Why do I stand up here?” As funny as he was, Robin Williams was also an incredible serious actor. His role as English teacher John Keating in Dead Poets Society remains one of my favorite movies. In one scene, Keating [...]

What is Her (and Your) Body Language Saying?


Amy Cuddy’s excellent talk on what your body language says about you.

If You Had No Fear…

Munch The Scream

IF YOU HAD NO FEAR, WOULD YOU  be running your business and living your life exactly the way you are today? The following chart will help you determine just how much fear rules your life. Take a look at the two [...]

Robo-Advisors and Real Advisors Will Soon Converge

Robo person

ROBO-ADVISORS AND REAL ADVISORS each have what the other wants. Robo-advisors, for all their bluster about empowering do-it-yourself investors with high-tech portfolio management wizardry, will ultimately morph to advice-giving firms with cool technology. Real advisors, the flesh and blood professionals [...]