The Top 20 ‘Do Overs’ of Successful Advisors

Do Over

Knowing what you know now, what would you do over if you could restart your business today? I posed this question to several successful advisors and their answers were insightful. And here’s the funny thing, you can implement these ideas now and benefit from their hard-fought mistakes. My original article was published in Financial Planning […]

Sterling Shea on What It Takes to Become a Barron’s Top Advisor

"Net growth in the industry is being concentrated in fewer, better financial advisors."

IF YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO GET ON BARRON’S LIST OF TOP ADVISORS, here it is. Sterling Shea opens the kimono and takes us behind the scenes as he shares the criteria Barron’s uses to rank its top advisors. From his perch as the Managing Director and Head of Advisor Programs at […]

3 ‘must do’s’ from the T3 Technology Conference

6 million dollar man

“If you run a business, you’re fine. If you run a practice, you’re done.” Edmond Walters, eMoney Advisor Are you a technology company or an investment management company? When I asked this question to the head of a Robo-Advisor firm at the T3 Conference he said without hesitation they’re a technology company. Think about the implications […]

Quick Recap of Day 2 at T3 Technology Conference

Crowd surfing

It’s a quick read…

Key Insights From Day 1 of T3 Technology Conference

Classic RIA Vs. Robo Advisor

Steve Sanduski’s take on the buzz and the best ideas coming out of the T3 Conference in Dallas.

David Bach on Writing Bestselling Books, Women Investors, and Becoming a Mega Advisor

David Bach

DAVID BACH IS A BESTSELLING PERSONAL FINANCE AUTHOR, an expert on women investors, and Vice Chairman of Edelman Financial Services. Our wide-ranging discussion covers how he wrote 9 consecutive New York Times Bestsellers, why women make great investors, and how to build a successful financial advisory business. The podcast was recorded in San Diego and we have some […]

Don’t Let Your Business Go Down in Flames Like Kodak

Diamandis: “Your mindset is the most important asset you have.”

Diamandis: “You either disrupt your own company or someone else will.” With that quote, Peter Diamandis, an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions, and commercial space, set the crowd abuzz at the TD Ameritrade National LINC 2015 Conference in San Diego. Diamandis told a story about Kodak that is a warning shot […]

The Quick Summary of Top Insights From TD Ameritrade’s National LINC 2015 Conference

TD Conf

From beginning to end, it was a great conference. Here are some of the top tweets with my brief commentary. Make sure you click on the links within the tweets, too, for more content. View the story “Top Tweets From TD Ameritrade National LINC Conference” on Storify

You are “out manned, out funded and out gunned, but you are not out trusted”


When compared to Robo-Advisors, human advisors are “out manned, out funded and out gunned, but you are not out trusted,” said Bill Winterberg of FPPad. Winterberg spoke during lunch at TD Ameritrade’s National LINC 2015 conference on an overcast day in normally sunny San Diego. His presentation focused on how advisors can use trust and […]

Mark Moses on the 5 Things Every CEO Should Focus On, Singularity University, and Exponential Organizations

Mark Moses

MARK MOSES COACHES 30 OF THE WORLD’S TOP ENTREPRENEURS AND CEOs and kicks their butt to increase profitability and accelerate growth. As a successful entrepreneur himself, Mark discusses the 5 things every entrepreneur and CEO should focus on and delves into the world of singularity and exponential organizations.   Mark Moses Started his first company at age […]