Carl Richards on Writing Books, Planning Conversations, and the One-Page Financial Plan

Carl Richards: Let's let go of this false sense of precision that we've been parading around."

Carl Richards is best known as the Behavior Gap guy and for his weekly Sketch Guy column in the New York Times. He’s now out with a new book, The One-Page Financial Plan. We had a lively conversation about the book, his writing process, planning conversations, and how financial advisors can use books in general to […]

Tony Robbins on Investing, RIAs, and Being a Great Business Owner

Tony Robbins

After interviewing more than 50 of the world’s greatest investment managers, Nobel Prize winners, self-made billionaires, and leading academics for his book, Money: Master the Game, Tony Robbins came to some startling conclusions. In this episode, he reveals a treasure trove of actionable insights and behind the scenes stories that will benefit you for years […]

Simon Roy on Entrepreneurial Success, Robo-Advisors, and the Role of Technology

Simon Roy: It's critical to make it easy for a prospect to say 'yes' to your offer.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO WAKE UP ONE MORNING, TURN ON YOUR COMPUTER, AND DISCOVER that you have two new clients with a million in assets waiting to do business with you? It’s happening now with robo-advisor technology and Simon Roy of Jemstep shares how. Having great technology is one thing, but leveraging it can be a […]

Marty Bicknell on Running Businesses, Acquisitions, and Separating Advice From Sales

Marty Bicknell

HOW DO YOU GO FROM $0 TO MORE THAN $30 BILLION IN AUM in less than 9 years? Marty Bicknell of Mariner Holdings did it through acquisitions, organic growth, and good timing. Of course, there’s more to it than that and in this episode, Marty adds texture to one of the most exciting growth stories in […]

Joe Duran on Raising Billions in AUM, Spotting Trends, and the Future of Financial Advice

Joe Duran: The more important you are to the business, the less valuable the business is.

BUILDING ONE ADVISORY FIRM WITH BILLIONS IN AUM IS HARD ENOUGH, yet Joe Duran has done it twice. We had an insightful conversation about how he did it and what he sees for the future of financial advisors and for the advice they deliver. While I have detailed notes below, it’s well worth your time to […]

What You Call Yourself Has Huge Implications–Financial Life Advisor?

Money and life

Do you call yourself a financial advisor? Financial planner? RIA? Wealth manager? Or, heaven forbid, a broker? Joe Duran of the $13 billion RIA firm United Capital thinks we have a naming problem in our industry. During a podcast interview this week with Duran, he told me his firm hired researchers who discovered clients don’t […]

Mitch Anthony on Helping Clients Retire Well and Live a Meaningful Life

Mitch Anthony: What are the possibilities in front of you right now?

THE CONCEPT OF RETIREMENT HAS CHANGED DRAMATICALLY over the past couple decades. Unlike my dad, who retired 25 years ago and never worked another day in his life, today’s retirees don’t retire. They start giving back and do work they want to do, not what they have to do. Has your retirement planning changed with […]

The top 20 ‘do overs’ of successful advisors

Do Over

  Knowing what you know now, what would you do over if you could restart your business today? I posed this question to several successful advisors and their answers were insightful. And here’s the funny thing, you can implement these ideas now and benefit from their hard-fought mistakes. My original article was published in Financial […]

Sterling Shea on What It Takes to Become a Barron’s Top Advisor

"Net growth in the industry is being concentrated in fewer, better financial advisors."

IF YOU EVER WANTED TO KNOW WHAT IT TAKES TO GET ON BARRON’S LIST OF TOP ADVISORS, here it is. Sterling Shea opens the kimono and takes us behind the scenes as he shares the criteria Barron’s uses to rank its top advisors. From his perch as the Managing Director and Head of Advisor Programs at […]

3 ‘must do’s’ from the T3 Technology Conference

6 million dollar man

“If you run a business, you’re fine. If you run a practice, you’re done.” Edmond Walters, eMoney Advisor Are you a technology company or an investment management company? When I asked this question to the head of a Robo-Advisor firm at the T3 Conference he said without hesitation they’re a technology company. Think about the implications […]